Howto ETI Consultation

EU-Commissioner Siim Kallas started a consultation on European Lobbying transparency which ends 31. August 2006. We explain you how to contribute.

Let's start

The consultation document (18 pages) - You should print it out.

Infomaniacs also follow the links to background documents and read the 2002 minimum standards for consultations and of course the interim report of the ETI consultation process.

Data you need to provide

Where to submit

The following parts are to be answered with seperate documents (or you can choose just to answer section II etc.) and you should sent your response to

We, the FFII, are also curious to learn about your contributions. You might want to consider to sent a blindcopy to

Questions I Transparency and Interest Representation:

This part will underpin a debate on lobbying activities in the EU. Relevant are pages 2-10 of the consultation document.

Questions II The Commission’s minimum standards for consultation:

This part will provide a structured framework for feedback on the application of the standards. The questions refer to page 11f. and 16f. of the consultation document.

Questions III Publication of Data on Beneficiaries of EU Funds

This part will launch a debate on the disclosure of data about the recipients of various EU funds managed by the Commission in partnership with Member States, notably the Structural Funds and Common Agricultural Policy.

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