Original Commission Consultation Papers ("Questionaires")

Available at launch of consultation procedure on 16 January 2006:

Available after 24 January 2006:

Available after 3rd March 2006:

Key Point-of-view

"The Commission remains convinced that an affordable Community Patent would offer the greatest advantages for business: we owe it to industry, investors and researchers to have an effective patent regime in the EU. Commissioner McCreevy has stated his intention to make one final effort to have the proposal adopted during his mandate. Until the time and conditions are ripe for that effort, the interim period should be used to seek views of stakeholders on en effective IPR system in the EU."


This consultation is open to all, and will be closed on 31 March 2006. The Commission services will publish a report on the outcome of this consultation. It will be available on the Internal Market and Services Directorate's General website.


As we learned from our supporters the questionaire is too technical and hard to understand for the majority of affected stakeholders. The procedure appears strongly biased in favour of patent holders, and serious flaws with the current system are not addressed at all. We therefore provide a background analysis of the questionaire for you which helps you to understand the consultation document.

It is also common pratice to submit a more general statements or position papers to consultations of the Commission. However, we recommend to keep your response close to answering the original questionaire of the Commission.

Post Your Answer

Send your answers to or by paper mail to:

Mr Erik Nooteboom
Head of Unit
Industrial Property Unit
Internal Market and Services Directorate General
European Commission
1049 Brussels, Belgium

The secretariat of Mr Nooteboom is also reachable by fax at +32 2 299 3104.

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